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Dairy Lameness Chart
Dr. Douglas E. Hostetler, DVM shares a five-point lameness scoring system, which producers and their consultants can use to try to get at the root of herd-wide lameness:

Lameness Score
Normal, flat top line at rest and walk, no gait abnormality. 1
Mild lameness, flat top line at rest, arched top line walking, there may be a "hint" of a gait abnormality, but this score is based on posture only. 2
Moderately lame, arched top line at rest and walking, mild gait abnormality. 3
Lame, arched top line at rest and while walking, marked gait abnormality, her head bobs. 4
Severe lameness, unable to rise without difficulty, three-legg lame (she's carrying a leg), tail is arched. 5
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