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ScoringAg Private DataBase Flowchart ScoringAg Private DataBase Flowchart
Advantages of a ScoringAg Account Advantages of a ScoringAg Account
ScoringAg Enhances Recordkeeping and Provides Point-to-Point Traceback™
Livestock Industry Industria Animal
Crop Industry Industrias de Graos/Frutas/Vegetais
Fish/Shellfish Industry Industria de Peixes/Crustaceous
Catastrophic Event System Presentation ScoringAg
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FDA Recordkeeping and Traceback Regulation "Smartphones" Image DataMatrix Barcodes
Explanation of how to access Site-Specific Records in Real Time

Packing Plant Solution RFID Profitability Comments
Packing Plant Livestock Processing System Lifeskills Model
Summarization of how ScoringAg aids with Targeting Life Skills Models
Packing Plant Livestock Processing System Scoring Criteria for Animals

Body Condition for: Dairy, Beef, Horse and Goat
Locomotion for : Dairy
Lameness: Dairy
Hoof Foot Front: All Animals
Hoof Foot Rear: All Animals
Udder: All Animals
Mastitis: Per Episode
Mouth/Teeth: All Animals
Frame: Beef
Reproductive Tract: All Animals

  USDA grading chart for Cull Cows

Scoring Criteria for Crops


Sanitation Criteria for Crops
Risked Based Food Safety Plan Checklist

  1. Seed Viability - Traceability / What - Who - Where - When - Lot Code
  2. Crop Growing and Chemicals Used
  3. Crop Harvesting, Sanitation of Equipment Used
  4. Crop Handling - Clean Buildings and Bins
  5. Crop Grading - Delivering and Maintaining of Bio Security
  6. Crop Conditioning - Flow Diagram and Control of Crop
  7. Seed or Crop Storage - Clean Site and Prevent Cross-Mixing

Scoring Criteria for Crops


SOP´s Needed for GAP´s and How To Write Them
Risked Based Food Safety Plan Checklist

    Well Written Standard Operating Procedures - should!

  1. Provide Direction to Employee´s on Risks, To Operation
  2. Improve Communication - Timer and Records on File
  3. Reduce Training Time by a Clear Message
  4. Improve Work Consistency as Everyone Does Records Sanitation

ScoringSystem Policy is not to sell, rent, or give out personal / private information.
All data stored in databases are encrypted with a rotating 256 bit key.