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Full-Chain-Traceability and Archiving System
for FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act)

    FDA Traceback rules starting in Jan 2023
  • Jan. 20, 2023: Estimated date that the Final Rule goes into effect, following a 60-day waiting period after publication.
  • Jan. 20, 2026: Enforcement date. Compliance and record-keeping requirements go into effect.
How the Food Traceability Rule works: Produce Supply Chain Example
Farms start at ±7:45 of video…

2002 Bio-Terrorism Law / Food Defense, Country of Origin, BMP, GAP's,
SOP, SSOP, HACCP, HARPC, USDA-FSIS and EU traceback laws
for all food/feed handlers from seed to consumer

ScoringAg provides
complete recordkeeping, certifications taken, traceback and labeling solutions for
Traceback and Labeling Solutions  

The Beef Food Chain
This media link is the final abstract report on the grant MSU got for beef traceback from Field To Fork traceability of each step of the process from animal ID to meat package info to the consumer,by using ScoringAg database.


The only complete Global Database
for worldwide traceback and traceup recordkeeping and documentation
of agricultural products with Point-to-Point Traceback
for each individual Commodity/Entity
in just seconds

    Add Value by tracking at site-specific locations with real-time records for those Locations, Animals, Crops/Commodities, Fish/Shellfish, Fowl, Containers, Machinery and Ingredients.
    Private User Name and Password provides proof and preservation of user.
    Data Management System (DMS) enables access for multiple users anytime, anywhere.
    Secure 256-bit login DMS provides confidential online product data movement.
    Entity information and agronomic practices available with real-time records.
    Our Site-Specific Recordkeeping® tracking technology traces real-time animal/container/crop/fish/fowl/ingredients/machinery movements through confined locations.
    Our patented 2D barcodes and NEW mobile devices technology permits users immediate retrieval and scanning of Site-Specific Records by reading/scanning barcodes and RFID chips.
    We protect your data. Once you subscribe, your personal information is encrypted and secured using industry leading security technology.
ScoringAg, Inc. is Simple, Secure and Inexpensive
With our complete web-based global system,
we are committed to improving consumer/animal/food safety
ScoringSystem Policy is not to sell, rent, or give out personal / private information.
All data stored in databases are encrypted with a rotating 256 bit key.