Sample:  ScoringSystem, Fish

PIDC Date (MM/DD/YYYY), Time (HH:MM) Location
2345620101 05/10/2004, 14:45 Origin Location
2345678901 05/10/2004, 14:45 Hatched
3456789012 05/29/2004, 08:30 Raised
4567890123 09/18/2004, 10:12 Harvester
5678901234 09/29/2004, 16:17 Processor
6789012345 10/05/2004, 08:03 Storage
7890123456 10/17/2004, 06:08 Shipper
8901234567 10/19/2004, 11:33 Retailer

General Information

Date of Last Update: 10/19/2004
Product Type: Fillets
Process Method: Frozen
Purchase Order No.: 1234-56789-0
Shipping Date: 10/17/2004
Quantity Shipped: 10 kg
Harvester/Supplier: Sample Harvests
Harvester/Supplier ID: 1234567890
Processor: Sample Processors
Processor No.: 0123456789
Contact Name: John Doe
Street Address 123 Main Street
City/Province Anytown
State/Region Anystate
Country USA
Phone 123-123-4567

Species: Catfish
Size: 14 cm
Freshwater/Saltwater: Freshwater
Origin: Pond-Raised
Date of Catch: 05/10/2004
Time of Catch 14:45
Harvest Temperature: F/C
Harvest Method: Netting
Water Color: CLR
Water Quality: ph
Average Size: 12 cm
Harvest Weight 10 kg
Harvest Date 09/18/2004


Process Temperature: F/C
Cleaning Temperature: F/C
Cleaning Contact Surface: Specify
Time Removed From Process Temperature: Minutes
Water Quality: N/A
Ice Quality: N/A
Storage Temperature: F/C
Frozen or Fresh Processed: Frozen
Fish Tags if Available: N/A
Shipping Container: Plastic

Growing Conditions:

Feed % Protein Meal or Pellets Amount  
Antibiotics used Date / Time Reg. No. Dose Reason / Result
Diseases Found        
Parasites Found        
Starting Size        
Mortality Rate        
Mortality Size        


Score Type Score Scored by:
Population Density: Ponds N/A N/A
Pond Quality N/A N/A
Holding Tanks N/A N/A
Process Facilities Quality N/A N/A
Condition of Storage Facilities N/A N/A
Net/Line Size Condition: N/A N/A
Net/Line Sanitation Procedures: N/A N/A
Net/Line Storage, Previous Use N/A N/A
Prior Shipping, Container History N/A N/A
Operator, Crew Medical History N/A N/A